Organic Yellow Dragon Fruit

From Ecuador and Colombia, this fruit tastes like a sweet pear but a little more tropical. The fruits interior texture is comparable to that of a kiwi with a white fleshy meat with black seeds throughout. This fleshy inside is drastically contrasted by the fruit’s exterior, which definitely lives up to its American name “dragon fruit” for its spiny and exotic appearance.


High in Dietary Fiber which is very beneficial for your digestion.

Its antioxidants improve and strengthen your Immune system.

Its Omega 3, lowers your blood pressure.

It has a high concentration of Iron that keeps your heart happy and healthy.

Health Attributes
Yellow dragon fruit is a great sweet addition to many foods, but can be found commonly used in smoothies, juices, and plain!
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Our packaging

5.5 lb /2.5 Kg per box
150 cases a pallet
6-9 units per box / size

Season´s availability

January – February – May – December
April – June – July – August – September – October – November
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