Whole Cane Sugar

Whole cane sugar is grown on farms located 2200 meters above sea level. This altitude is optimal for crop growing because of the high amounts of rainfall in South America. Whole cane sugar is known by many different names throughout the world. In Colombia it is called Panela. The process begins with separating the sugar from the molasses stream and then re-blending it to create a consistent product. Whole cane sugar is a product that can vary based on sugar cane variety, soil type, and weather. These conditions dictate whether a batch of whole cane sugar will be lighter or darker than other batches.

General Information
Our 100% natural unrefined whole cane sugar is available in conventional or organic form. Whole cane sugar has a unique flavor said to be a cross between caramel and molasses. Not filtered out, like in pure white sugar and other sugar forms, sugar cane molasses contains more nutrients, vitamins, and minerals. Harvested using only natural pesticides and herbicides, whole cane sugar has no additives, chemicals, human waste, or lionizing radiation.

Nutritional Value
Whole cane sugar contains magnesium, potassium to conserve the acid balance in cells, and iron to maintain hemoglobin levels preventing anemia. Whole cane sugar metabolizes more slowly than white sugar and will not adversely affect blood sugar as drastically as refined white sugar.

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