Fresh Produce

GAT fresh fruits come from different regions of South America where the climate is best for growing exotic and tropical fruits. Specifically, fresh Golden Berries (Gooseberry/Physalis) are native to Colombia and are produced there 365 days a year, which is unlike other South American countries.

Being indigenous to South America, the Fresh Golden Berry is also known as Physalis, Inca Berries, and Cape Gooseberries. Golden berries are a unique product GAT offers that is still unknown in many parts of the world. Golden Berries grow in high altitudes and colder climate conditions. Golden Berries have natural paper husks that protect the Golden Berries inside. Upon being harvested, Golden Berries develop a robust and complex citrus-like flavor. Recently, the numerous health benefits of Golden Berries have become globally recognized. This increases the popularity of Golden Berries as a preferred superfruit of choice.


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