Whole Cane Sugar

Our 100 natural unrefined whole cane sugar is available in conventional or organic form.  Whole Cane Sugar has a unique flavor said to be a cross between caramel and molasses.  Not filtered out like in pure white sugar and other sugar forms, Sugar Cane molasses contains more nutrients, vitamins and minerals . Harvested using only natural pesticides and herbicides, Whole Cane Sugar has no additives, chemicals, human waste or ionizing radiation.


Organic Sugar:

Organic Sugar is unrefined, evaporated sugar cane juice, 100% natural, and 100% organic sugar that maintain all of its natural occurring vitamins, minerals and nutrients.  Maintaining a natural blonde color, Organic Sugar is a healthier option as opposed to refined sugar that is pure white in color. Organic Sugar is processed with a unique single crystallization process that preserves the flavor of the sugar cane.   Organic Sugar is a great source of energy and has essential minerals without harsh chemicals or additives . Growth and harvesting of organic sugar is performed with organic fertilizers and manual weed control. Recovery and conservation of soil conditions are always a focus when harvesting organic sugar. Processing organic sugar occurs without burning the sugar cane leaves, which leads to preservation of compostable materials that do not increase the greenhouse effect.


Stevia sweetener is a sugar substitute extracted from the Stevia Rebaudiana shrub native to Colombia.  Since the human body does not metabolize the sweet glycosides in stevia leaves or any of its processed forms, the body extracts no calories from stevia.   Stevia is said to be 300 times sweeter than sugar cane yet has the ability to regulate blood glucose levels, which aids diabetes and hypoglycemia patients due to is non caloric sugar alternative benefit.  Sweeter than conventional sugar, Stevia has a slight bitter taste that has a consistent potency throughout the selection of leaves. Additionally, Stevia is high in antioxidants and has medicinal benefits. Stevia's benefits include its content of protein , fiber, iron, phosphorus, calcium, potassium, zinc, fluorine, ascorbic acid ,Vitamins A and C. 


Whole Cane Sugar is grown on farms located 2200 meters above sea level. This altitude is optimal for crop growing because of the high amounts of rainfall in South America. Whole Cane Sugar is known by many different names throughout the world.  In Colombia it is called Panela, Brazil calls it Rapadura, and Germany refers to it as Organic Whole Cane Sugar, just to name a few. The names also include the sugar forms like Jaggery in India and Sucanat in the United States. The process is done by separating the sugar stream from the molasses stream and then re-blending it to create a consistent product.  Whole Sugar is a whole food product that can vary based on sugar cane variety, soil type and weather. These conditions dictate whether a batch of Whole Cane Sugar to be lighter or darker than another batch

Organic Sugar is grown by farmers on the western side of Colombia using organic methods for growth, pest control and harvesting.

Stevia farms are located in the western part of Colombia in the Province of Antioquia.

Colombian department of Agriculture consider the seed quality, technology and location of our Stevia bulk plant to be one of the best stevia cultivations in the country. This sets us apart from other growers in the industry.


Whole Cane Sugar is farmed using environmentally friendly methods for both conventional and organic forms. Hand weeding and composting are used with only natural pesticides and herbicides for farming. During processing, no chemicals or additives are used. This allows for the preservation of farmland for a much longer period of time, eliminates contamination and eliminates toxins as these elements allow for a sustainability ecosystem.

Production of Whole Cane Sugar involves the following steps:

-pure cane juice extracted from the sugar cane using a press
-the juice is evaporated over low heats while being stirred with paddles
-sieved, the process of sifting out unwanted materials, ground to produce a grainy sugar

Whole Cane Sugar that is produced organically follows all organic standards and does not contain chemicals or anti-caking agents. After the production process in South America, whole cane sugar is packaged for us and ready for GAT to sell globally.

Organic Sugar is processed using only natural methods like hand weeding and composting. Biological pest control and traps are used to ensure that pests do not destroy crops. Since this sugar is 100% organic, chemical pesticides are never used in growing or processing the sugar cane. Certified Organic processing includes the following aspects:

-thermal treatment of seeds to prevent disease
-manual or mechanical weeding instead of herbicide use
-nitrogen, potassium chloride, triples super-phosphate, etc., for certified organic products as opposed to chemical fertilization
-educating all field hands, until they become experts in organic care

Organic Sugar is harvested without burning the sugar cane leaves. Sugar cane leaves are traditionally burned but studies have shown that burning sugar cane leaves is tied to respiratory problems. GAT is dedicated to harvesting sugar cane without burning cane leaves, which allows for decreased incidents of farmers from getting respiratory problems. Before processing organic sugar cane, the entire factory is carefully washed, including all the equipment used. The cane is thoroughly dry cleaned in order to prevent foreign matter from entering the organic sugar production process. Special care is taken in the correct application of the organic flocculants. In order to prevent the slightest risk of contamination, the first 1100 pounds of organic sugar produced is separated and sold as non-organic sugar. GAT is able to sell organic sugar throughout the world once production and packaging is finalized in South America.

Stevia is processed in Colombia where stevia leaves are picked at the peak of maturity. Processing of stevia is minimal, the following steps outline how processing occurs:

-leaves are picked
-leaves are washed
-hand separation divides leaves from stem
-oven drying occurs
-leaves are crushed into a powder

After Stevia production, GAT is able to sell Stevia globally. The secret to Stevia is a complex molecule called stevioside. The metabolism of stevioside leads to the formation of steviol which ranges in sweetness from 10-300 times sweeter than white sugar. When stevioside is extracted from the stevia leaves it retains all natural and beneficial components. This makes stevia unique compared to other alternative sweeteners.

Nutritional Value
Whole Cane Sugar contains the following beneficial components:

-magnesium which strengthens the nervous system
-potassium to conserve the acid balance in cells
-iron to maintain hemoglobin levels preventing anemia
Whole Cane Sugar metabolizes more slowly than white sugar and will not adversely affect blood sugar as drastically as refined white sugar.

Organic Sugar contains the following:

-various mineral
-vitamins and protein compounds.

Since Organic Sugar is unrefined it is can be used instead of conventional refined white sugar.
Organic Sugar contains minimal calories and carbohydrates per serving. This makes it a healthy option as a sweetener.

Stevia is a zero calorie sweetener that can help lower blood sugar and regulate glucose levels. It contains antioxidants, minerals and vitamins, which make it a healthy sugar substitute. Stevia has been found to be useful in treatment of:

-Degenerative Osteoarthritis
-Brain Hemorrhages
-Skin allergies-stains and acne

Stevia also improves the immune system by helping avoid infections.
Additionally, stevia is known to nourish the liver, pancreas, spleen, help avoid dental cavities and help avoid tooth decay.


Whole Cane Sugar develops a sweet and rich caramelized flavor, a cross between caramel and molasses. As sweet as refined sugar, whole cane sugar serves as a healthier sugar sweetener option.

Since Organic Sugar retains its natural characteristics including blonde color, it is more natural tasting then refined white sugar.

Stevia is 10 to 300 times sweeter than conventional sugar. Therefore; Stevia is said to be slightly bitter in taste with a minor licorice aftertaste but often preferred over refined sugar. Stevia has a slower onset of energy burst but provides a longer duration of energy compared to refined sugars.


Whole Cane Sugar

European Organic Farming

Fair Trade:
WTO (member)

Food Quality Management Systems:
ISO 22000

Organic Sugar
European Organic Farming
Food Quality Management System:
ISO 9001
OHSAS 18001
ISO 9001

100% Kosher


Whole Cane Sugar and Organic Sugar Bulk :

Bulk: 25 Kilos/ 50 Kilos


Private Label: Custom ordered to client request
Packaging Available: 450 Grams/ 500 Grams/ 1000 Grams



Stevia Bulk:

Private label: Custom order per client request.

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