Tamarillo “Tree Tomato”

From Ecuador, this fruit tastes like a pair or apricot but with a slight acidic flavor. The tart and fleshy fruit is known for being both sweet and acidic, offering a unique balance of the two. The interior consistency juicy, like normal tomatoes, and the variety tends to be slightly longer and more oval shaped than your traditional tomato.


High in Dietary Fiber which makes it very good for digestion.

Its Vitamins C, E, A act as antioxidants.

Health Attributes

It is commonly used in juices, salads and sauces but can also be eaten raw.


Our packaging

5.5 Lb / 2.5 Kg per box
18 Units a box
140 Cases per pallet

Season´s availability

January - February - March - April - May - June - July - August - September - November - December
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