From Colombia, this pineapple is a tropical delight not to be missed. Slice through the pine cone-like shell of the fruit to enjoy the juicy, sweet, tangy interior. Despite its name, the flesh of the pineapple has a much softer interior than an apple.


Contains nearly 75% of recommended daily intake of magnesium, great for bone health .

Bromelain acts as an anti-inflammatory enzyme .

High concentration of vitamin C boosts immune system strength .

Health Attributes

 Pineapple can be enjoyed plain, sipped on as a juice or smoothie, and makes a great addition to your favorite savory dishes!

Pineapple with kiwi fruit and grated coconut

Our packaging

6 to 8 units per box

12 kgs / 26.5 lbs per box

80 cases per pallet


Season´s availability

JAN - MAR - July - OCT - NOV - DEC
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