Powdered Soursop

Common Name: Soursop
Botanical Name: Annona muricata
Other Names: Guanabana, Soursop

General Information
Our powdered fruit is 100% natural, no sugar added, low in fat, and always delicious. It is naturally rich in antioxidants and vitamins. Powdered products keep their flavor, color, and aroma along with all nutritional properties. Powdered fruit is a convenient and easy way to add nutrition to your everyday diet. Soursop is from South America and was an herbal medicine in ancient times. Soursop flesh is white and feels soft when ripe. It has a sweet and sour taste, similar to a mix of pineapple and strawberry. Soursop’s unique sweet-tart taste makes it a common ingredient for smoothies or healthy beverages. Soursop is considered to be a superfood due to its high nutritional value.

Nutritional Value
Soursop contains Vitamin B1, B2, C, fiber, and, Antioxidants. Soursop has been said to help prevent ulcers, aid with digestive problems, help maintain health with its annonaceous, improve the immune system with acetogenic chemicals, and aids blood pressure levels, cell growth, and heart functions.

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