(Available in Organic)

Common Name: Cacao
Botanical Name: Chocolate, Criollo, Cacaoyer, Kakao

General Information
Cacao beans are commonly used to make cocoa, chocolate, and butter. Cacao beans create the tantalizing aroma for succulent chocolate-based drinks and sweets. Our Cacao is offered in beans, nibs, powdered, and liquid presentations. Upon request, we can offer Organic Fair Trade Certified Cacao.

Nutritional Value
Cacao is sugar free, and high in nutrients, amino acids, and healthy fats. Cacao has low calories and suppresses appetite, which aids in weight loss. Cacao contains phenylethylamine, which works to increase happiness and alertness. It also contains theobromine, which invigorates and stimulates brain faculties. In addition, it contains high amounts of magnesium, which helps maintain a healthy heart.

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